Q: What Caliber can I shoot at this target?

A: 223. Rem to 308 Win. is recommended. Air rifle and shotgun shot will ricochet.

Q: How do I mount my Target?

A: We recommend MK Machining T-post target mount, T-post mount adapter, and 24” post protector.

Q: Can I use this during the day in the summer months?

A: Yes, but while in direct sun will have little to no contrast. If you have it hard mounted pour cold water on the target and that should help with contrast.

Q: What distance is recommended for sighting in?

A: 50 - 100 yards or meters.

Q: Can I leave it outside?

A: Yes. but if you need better contrast put it a cooler or freezer for 5 min or pour cold water on it.

Q: Can holes be drilled to hang it?

A: Yes mount it anyway you see fit.

Q: Can I shoot a shotgun at this target

A: No.

Q: How do I use this target?

A: Shoot a round at the target, then try to hit the same hole. Adjust your sight based on your manufactures instructions.